We takes sourcing tenants very seriously. We source professional workers only and all are vetted via referencing and credit checking. However, as we provide guaranteed rent from the company directly to you, the risk of tenants not paying their rent is our responsibility each month. This takes away the disturbance of chasing late or missed rental payments and gives you complete peace of mind.

To ensure properties are kept to our high standards, we carry out property inspections on a regular basis. We also provide a cleaning and maintenance service for every property.

If there are minor maintenance issues, we will guarantee to resolve these using our own maintenance team at no cost to yourselves. If something major does occur then we will always keep you informed and updated so it can be resolved as swiftly as possible.

We prime ourselves on being able to support landlords and provide them with a hassle free contract term.

Where Landlord and HNC come together.

HNC Property Solutions specialises in corporate lettings with guaranteed rent over long term contracts, typically 3 to 5 years. Our properties are refurbished to a high standard, we arrange regular cleaners to maintain the property and resolve any minor maintenance issues free of charge during our term. We are 100% committed to providing integrated, high quality services for both landlords and tenants.






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